Not All That Glitters Is Gold!

Posted on Jul 25, 2014 in News | 1 comment

Tracting Sauchiehall Street

In delightful seasonable weather it was a privilege to return to Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, and join with Donald John Morrison, the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)’s home mission worker, and distribute gospel tracts to the throngs of passers-by.

Regrettably we are not the only ones on the Street. Here Donald John explains the ‘Good News‘ to a representative of the Christian Science cult, who was also on Sauchiehall Street handing out small portions of scripture.

Christian Science is a false religious cult and is therefore not real, authentic Christianity, it is a cruel deception. Among other things Christian Science teaches, God is divine principle; Jesus is not God. The incarnation and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ did not happen; Scripture is not inerrant; Sin, death, and evil do not exist; There is no literal, physical existence of the material universe.

I asked her about how I may get to heaven and she could not answer me!

The only way to know real biblical Christianity is to prayerfully read God’s word asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the truth as it is in Jesus Christ.  The only way to be found in heaven at last is to trust upon the Lord Jesus Christ alone.

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  1. How Very True Rev Allan All that Glitters US NOT GOLD