The deacons manage the financial matters relating to the congregation, maintain the church property and care for those in special need. They are elected from the male membership of the congregation and are such as fulfil the requirements of I Timothy 1 and Titus 1.

Donald Allan was born in Glasgow and grew up within the Free Church, living in a number of areas up and down Scotland before returning to Glasgow.  Married to Janet, he professes to have followed the Lord for many years although hadn’t made a public profession of faith until finding encouragement under Rev. I. Smith’s tenure as Minister in Partick.  Donald has served as a deacon since 2010.


Derek W. MacLean grew up in North Uist before first moving to Glasgow in 1996 to attend University.  Converted under the ministry of Rev. R. Morrison, Gardner Street, in 1999, Derek later joined the FCC while working in Aberdeen where he commenced a new career in Psychiatric Nursing.  He returned to Glasgow in 2007 and is married to Anna. Their daughter Amélie was born in 2013.